About Old Politicals

The name Old Politicals has been around for a while. This effort began as an eBay screen name in 1998 and that effort sold well over 12,000 items. The mover and shaker behind this effort is Gene Dillman, APIC #11973 who has been a dealer in political and historical Americana for over 25 years. Not one to shy away from challenges, he has moved his efforts forward by creating this full service web site where the collector has a significant number of options when it comes time to liquidate part or all of the collection. Old Politicals offers a complete service that includes a web site with a store listing items for sale in a fixed price format, private sales or internet-only auctions. During the summer of 2008 Old Politicals launched its inaugural internet-only auction of moderate to higher end items that is accessed from this web site. It is anticipated that 3 or 4 auctions will be held each year. This auction effort and web site will take its rightful place among those auctions serving the political memorabilia marketplace.

About Selling Your Collection

Sooner or later every collector will need to make the decision on what to do with the collection. There are methods you can consider if you decide to sell all or just part of the collection which will provide you with the ability to better control the eventual price while avoiding the uncertainties. We have been in the hobby for many years and have developed a deep understanding of values and liquidation strategies. Your collection deserves the best attention possible in order to realize as close to full value as possible. Collector and seller need to develop a relationship in order to achieve the best results when you sell, not just the usual quick and impersonal ‘back-and-forth-and-done'. Here are some alternatives for you to consider:

Outright Purchase: After carefully evaluating the collection together, a price would be agreed upon.  Every dealer has to have a margin for profit. Although many dealers are also collectors, this is their livelihood - their business. Because of this most collections receive closer to a wholesale price than a retail price. 

Consignment: Here again, we would need to work together for your benefit. After a possible initial visit and inventory, we would need to jointly determine a minimum price for each item and then the collection as a whole. If you are comfortable with the agreement, we would take the collection or the part which you are selling and liquidate through private sales, show sales, or other available venues such as eBay or Old Politicals Internet Auctions or Fixed Price Store.

Internet sales: We have established a significant presence with a large client following on eBay resulting in many thousands of sales in the past ten years. Our ‘screen name' on eBay is "oldpoliticals". When properly listed and described, political memorabilia is one of the best selling collectible areas on eBay. However it is possible your collection should appropriately appear in Old Politicals Internet-Only Auctions and would again be a mutual decision. Finally, Old Politicals offers a fixed price internet sale option by listing appropriate items in the Old Politicals Store located in this web site.

Confidentiality is important and strictly maintained. We do not reveal clients' identities -either buyer or seller. If you wish to inform people, that is your privilege, but we will not do so. We will devote whatever of our time that is necessary toward this effort in order to do the best job for you in liquidating your collection.

Please feel free to email or call if you have questions or have a collection you would like to liquidate. Our office is located inside a converted bank building and includes the large walk-in bank vault. We believe we offer the best protection for your collection in the hobby. It also helps that we are right across the street from the downtown Louisburg, NC police station. Here is a look at our vault before we filled it with "goodies".

Old Politicals Vault

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