“Grangers Versus Hoppers-Kansas 1876” CDV Cartoon

A Kansas farm family fights a losing battle with the relentless "hoppers" in a cartoon by 19th-century illustrator Henry Worrall on this cdv. Downing Gallery Topeka Kansas marked on cartoon and on reverse. The invasion began in late July 1874 when without warning millions of grasshoppers, or Rocky Mountain locusts, descended on the prairies from the Dakotas to Texas. The insects arrived in swarms so large they blocked out the sun and sounded like a rainstorm. They ate crops out of the ground, as well as the wool from live sheep and clothing off people's backs. Paper, tree bark, and even wooden tool handles were devoured. Hoppers were reported to have been several inches deep on the ground and locomotives could not get traction because the insects made the rails too slippery.

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“Grangers Versus Hoppers-Kansas 1876” CDV Cartoon“Grangers Versus Hoppers-Kansas 1876” CDV Cartoon
“Grangers Versus Hoppers-Kansas 1876” CDV Cartoon
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