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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1 GW Inauguration Button Linked States Small GW Letters Unlisted 888
2 GW Inauguration Button Federal Eagle with Sunburst WI 12C PASS
3 Later GW “Long Live The President” GW Script Token 218
4 Manuscript, Titled “An Infatiable Recipe To Make A True Federalist” Circa 1790’s PASS
5 Circa 1806 George Washington Kerchief Textile “The Love of Truth/Mark The Boy” Threads #39 215
6 Early Engraved Print “Mount Vernon, Virginia, the Seat of the late Genr G. Washington” Circa 1800-08 PASS
7 Washington “Centennial Celebration” Portrait Silk Ribbon 55
8 Large Medal Washington Masonic Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania PASS
9 Early Plate “Going Into Port” PASS
10 Napoleon Portrait Under Glass Paperweight 60
11 Lot of Three (3) Miniature Tinted Prints Napoleon and Battle of Waterloo 48
12 Andrew Jackson Back Name Inauguration Clothing Button Dated March 4, 1829 AJACK 1828-12 225
13 Andrew Jackson Biography 1832 By Goodwin 95
14 Early Daniel Webster Portrait Snuff Box 750
15 William Henry Harrison Portrait Biography with Speeches of Storer 1836 UPDATED 289
16 William Henry Harrison Portrait Snuff Box 750
17 Bold Clay/Frelinghuysen Jugate Letterhead Light Green Writing Paper 180
18 Bold Clay/Frelinghuysen Jugate Silk Ribbon Great Graphics PASS
19 Clay/Frelinghuysen Color Tinted Jugate “Grand National Whig Banner” PASS
20 Henry Clay Handwritten Twice Signed Letter 1826 Great Content 491
21 Henry Clay CDV by Fredericks Unusual Side Profile 50
22 Beautiful Henry Clay Related Native American Party Silk Ribbon Dated 1844 172
23 Polk/Dallas Color Tinted Jugate “Grand National Democratic Banner” 275
24 James Polk Color Tinted Portrait Published by Baillie PASS
25 Franklin Pierce Engraving Mounted in Wood Frame 83
26 Rio De Janeiro Cigar/Spectacles Case Circa 1840’s 100
27 Important Winfield Scott Handwritten ALS Content Nomination for the 1852 Whig National Convention PASS
28 Zachary Taylor Portrait ABC Plate “Elected President of America 1848” PASS
29 Zachary Taylor Woven Portrait Silk Ribbon Dated 1848 with Young Looking Portrait Framed PASS
30 Rare Zachary Taylor “Old Zack” Bowie Knife with Sheath PASS
31 Small Size Portrait Glass Flask Zachary Taylor “…Never Surrenders” PASS
32 Large Size Portrait Glass Flask Zachary Taylor “…Never Surrenders” Rare Light Blue Color PASS
33 Incredible Sixth Plate Daguerreotype of Military Officer with Sword PASS
34 Rare Quarter Plate Daguerreotype Glass Stereoview PASS
35 Breckinridge Democratic Club Ribbon UPDATED: Image Added PASS
36 Sixth Plate Daguerreotype Seated Man in Scottish Kilt PASS
37 Quarter Plate Daguerreotype Painting of a Judge or Minister PASS
38 Lot of 15 Quality Fremont Portrait Envelopes 250
39 Half Plate Daguerreotype of a Family of Five PASS
40 Quarter Plate Daguerreotype of Musician with Fiddle and Drum 200
41 Stephen Douglas/Johnson Portrait Envelope 92
42 William Cullen Bryant Cartoon CDV Riding Horse EH Anthony PASS
43 Quarter Plate Alexander Stephens Ruby Ambrotype of an Engraving 587
45 Jefferson Davis/Alexander Stephens Virginia Election Ticket PASS
46 Jefferson Davis/Alexander Stephens Virginia Election Ticket 95
47 Rare and Iconic Brady Lincoln Albumin Large Format Photo PASS
48 Scarce Lincoln Memorial Handkerchief “Lincoln The Good/1865” 300
49 Letter To Lincoln From and Signed by Members of the Kentucky Congressional Delegation of 1864 PASS
50 Broadside Pro-Lincoln “The People’s New Ten Commandments” 1864 424
51 Rare CDV of Lincoln 1861 Handwritten Note with Signature PASS
52 Lincoln Memorial/Campaign Biography 1864 Portrait Cover 1865 PASS
53 Scarce Lincoln Assassination Book “The Trial of the Assassins and Conspirators” 1865 PASS
54 Reverdy Johnson Autographed CDV Mary Surratt Defense Attorney 253
55 John Wilkes Booth Large Format Portrait Engraving PASS
56 Large Format and Fancy Lincoln Memorial Photo Copy PASS
57 Unusual Frame Certificate and Wooden Penholder From Lincoln Springfield Residence 267
58 1864 Election Tally Sheet with Transmittal Envelope For 73rd Ohio Civil War Soldiers in Atlanta GA 125
59 Sixth Plate Tintype Musicians and Soldier PASS
60 Quarter Plate Tintype Military Officer Full Standing with Sword 95
61 Important CDV Army Mess with of 3 French Princes (Royals) at McClellan’s Camp Peninsula Campaign PASS
62 Rare Civil War Navy Service Medal #2498 Stamped on Edge 400
63 1864 Political Anti-Pierce and Anti-Copperhead, New Hampshire Broadside “Copperheads in Council” PASS
64 Cartoon Flyer Anti-McClellan 1864 Election “Platform” 125
65 Rare Pro-Andrew Johnson, Anti-Impeachment Poem Dated June 1, 1866 by House Clerk 200
66 Scarce Gladstone verse Disraeli Cartoon CDV 49
67 Anti-Seymour Broadside 225
68 Grant/Colfax Jugate Print “National Union Republican Banner, 1868” 334
69 US Grant Unsigned Folk-Art Watercolor Portrait on Horse PASS
70 Rare Tin US Grant Portrait Pill Box PASS
71 Fork Art US Grant Painting on Solid Board 44
72 US Grant Parian Bust PASS
73 Glass Slide Colored Columbia with Flag 33
74 Glass Slide Black Boy Sitting on Trunk 27
75 Lot of 9 Clothing Buttons Wild West “City Marshall” Circa 1870-80 PASS
76 Horace Greeley Portrait Birthday Invitation February 3, 1872 120
77 1875/76 Bunker Hill Centennial Over-Printed Ribbon Gold Letters Variation #1 39
78 1875/76 Bunker Hill Centennial Over-Printed Ribbon Green Letters Variation #2 39
79 1876 Centennial Irish/American Silk Ribbon 75
80 Stereoview Card Garfield/Arthur Huge Street Flag with Coattails Daniel Davis and Seth Milliken Names PASS
81 James Garfield Portrait Glass Bottle 102
82 Garfield/Hancock Pair of Matched Portrait Stickers Dated 1880 190
83 Garfield Portrait Candy Wrapper 65
84 James Blaine Portrait Advertising Envelope Postally Used His Biography Book PASS
85 Rare 1884 Blaine/Cleveland Metamorphic Trade Card Racine Wisconsin Buck Wagons Ad 25
86 Rare Sixth Plate Tinted Tintype of Buffalo Hunter PASS
87 Ad Cabinet Card Drawing Including Blaine and Garfield Superimposed Photo Heads 46
88 Texas Rangers Signed Poem Dated 1880 175
89 “Havelock Gun Club” Ribbon/Badge PASS
90 Western Indian War Veterans Silk Ribbon 116
91 Early Native Sons of the Golden West Ribbon/Badge 1886 PASS
92 Wonderful Two-Sided Advertising Sheet for Harrison/Morton Biography PASS
93 Rare Silk B. Harrison Woven Ribbon Mounted on Top Lid of Fancy Box PASS
94 “Prepare For The Campaign of 1888” Advertising Campaign Hats PASS
95 Republican National Convention 1888 Letterhead Plus Envelope and Employee Ticket Pass PASS
96 “Constitution of the State of Montana” Dated July 4, 1889 PASS
97 1890 PA Governor DH Hastings Ribbon with 4-Leaf Clover 25
98 Pair (2) of 19th Century Glass Sided Parade Lamps 60
99 Rare GAR National Encampment DC 1892 with Industrial Screws Attached PASS
100 Blaine/Logan Cleveland/Hendricks Jugate Trade Card “The Presidential Race” 248
101 Cleveland/Thurman Jugate 19th Century Glass Sided Parade Lamp 240
102 Pair (2) Of Matching Cleveland and Harrison Jugate Glass Cups PASS
103 “No National Banks!/Greenbacks Forever/No Bonds” Silk Ribbon 138
104 Territory Of Hawaii Four (4) Clothing Buttons Circa 1890-1910 Litchfield CA 138
105 1896 “Semi-Centennial of the American Occupation of California” Graphic Envelope 102
106 Rare Admiral Dewey Toy Cap Buster with Cap Strips PASS
107 Small Metal Bust Admiral Dewey with Shield/Name 15
108 Small Table Lamp with Brilliant Full Color Eagle and Ships Painted Scene 50
109 “Battleship Maine” Raised Relief Ship Glass Flask Metal Screw Cap 39
110 Composite Cabinet Card Spanish American War Notable with McKinley, TR, Dewey and Others 43
111 Composite Cabinet Card Includes 9 US Presidents 35
112 McKinley as President Leather Portrait Change Purse 107
113 Scarce Cabinet Card William Jennings Bryan With Famous “Cross of Gold” Speech 75
114 William Jennings Bryan and Family Advertising Cabinet Card 15
115 William Jennings Bryan 78 Record “The Virgin Birth” and “Immortality” PASS
116 Macerated Money Spread Eagle with Shield PASS
117 Leather S.F. Event Made for New Mexico IOOF Grand Lodge PASS
118 Parker/Davis Jugate Light Aluminum Tray “Fearless in Battle” 168
119 Lot of 7 Bear Unused Embossed Postcards For All 7 Days PASS
120 1899 Stamped Signed Typed Letter Theodore Roosevelt on Governor’s Letterhead 50
121 TR Printed and Mounted Article Written and Signed “A Shot At A Bull Elk” PASS
122 “President Roosevelt” Glass Patriotic Nub Ink Pen 68
123 TR/Kaiser Wilhelm II Jugate Woven Textile 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair 83
124 TR Racist Booklet 125
125 Teddy Roosevelt Rough Riders French Educational Trade Card 30
126 Advertising Trade Card New York TR Horse Race PASS
127 Very Heavy and Large Bronze TR Plaque By Fraser 1920 PASS
128 Eugene Debs Signed “Honorary Contributor” Certificate PASS
129 “The Debs Decision” Debs and Supreme Court Decision That Sent Him To Jail Booklet Discussion PASS
130 Rare Sample Photo Postcard Eugene Debs PASS
131 Rare Campaign Postcard Eugene Debs Postal Used Dated 1908 PASS
132 “Bill Tafts Smile” Portrait Wall Plaque 66
133 Howard Taft Dinner Favor Paper Box “Akron Chamber of Commerce Guest of Honor” 97
134 Rare 1908 Taft/Bryan Metamorphic Trade Card Coffee 75
135 Lot of 5 Rare Taft Billie Possum Golfing Postcards PASS
136 Rare and Original Art Suffragette Cartoon on Card Stock Dated 1909 PASS
137 Unusual 1912 Suffrage Postcard Advertisement of Suffrage Play “The Convert” PASS
138 Rare Woodrow Wilson Portrait Advertising Tin Lithographed Can “President Knife Polish” 250
139 Large Sepia Photo Buck Garret and Horse Legendary Lawman Out For Woodrow Wilson 150
140 TR/Wilson Back to Back Pro-Women Suffrage Advertisement Flyer 138
141 Princeton 1895 Faculty Sepia Large Format Composite Photo Young Woodrow Wilson 100
142 “Votes For Women” Porcelain Plate 250
143 Lot of 7 Personal Photographs St. Paul MN Suffrage Parade May 3, 1914 75
144 1913 Pro-Suffrage Small Broadside “The Enemies of Votes For Women” 332
145 Lot of 35 Anti-Suffrage Completed Pledge Cards 39
146 Suffrage Book Advertisement Flyer 722
147 Suffrage “Planks From The Suffrage Platform” 33
148 “Equal Suffrage” Die For Paper 55
149 Anti-Suffrage Hand Flyer Dated May 9, 1914 332
150 1915 Maryland Prohibition Party Lot of Two (2) Items Trigate State Candidates 100
151 “Votes For Women” Paper Drinking Cup Dated 1915 65
152 John D Rockefeller Cartoon Bribing Alabama Congressman Richmond Hobson PASS
153 1916 Charles Hughes California Ribbon Combination 50
154 “Miss Edith Cavell” Woven Portrait Ribbon Postcard WWI Nurse and Hero PASS
155 1918 “Ohio Woman Suffrage Association” Typed and Signed Letter With Great Letterhead with Original Envelope 172
156 Large Heavy Porcelain Portrait Plaque Warren Harding 250
157 Invitation for Notification Warren Harding in Marion Ohio and Dated July 22, 1920 128
158 Harding/Cox Optical Card “Pick The Winner” 182
159 Rare 1912 James Cox as Congressman Palm Card As Candidate for Governor 152
160 James Cox 78 Record with Image “Prevention of War” and a March 37
161 Rare John Davis for President, Al Smith For Governor Jugate Flyer 259
162 Calendar 1926 Coolidge/Dawes with Fuller, Allen, Butler and Gillett Massachusetts 303
163 Highly Unusual Mechanical Auto Attachment Liberty Bell 1926 “Sesqui-Centennial 150 Years of Independence” PASS
164 Unusual Dated Al Smith Name Auto License Plate 30
165 Al Smith License Plate 75
166 Al Smith License Plate Two Colors 75
167 Scarce Unusual Postally Used Hoover Portrait Envelope Dated March 4 1929 Inauguration PASS
168 Rare Herbert Hoover License Plate “Press On With…” 75
169 Large Heavy Metal FDR Portrait Wall Plaque by Viggo Nielsen 83
170 Very Unusual and Rare Roosevelt Reflective License Plate 102
171 Roosevelt License Plate White on Green Letters 65
172 Roosevelt License Plate With Slogan 168
173 Small Salt Glass FDR Initials UPDATED 20
174 Rare Matched Pair 1936 Metal Rep/Dem Pencil Holders “Keep A Democrat/Republican Under The Hat” With Matching Pencils 324
175 FDR/Willkie Jugate 1940 World’s Fair Advertising Hand Flyer 20
176 Leather Men’s Wallet “Remember Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 1941” 53
177 Rare WWII Home Front Anti-Hideki Tojo Painted Paste “Rat” 317
178 Scarce Dewey/Warren Jugate License Plate PASS
179 Scarce Thomas Dewey Optical Postcard PASS
180 Thomas Dewey Portrait Ladies Compact on Celluloid 50
181 Lot of Nine (9) “Dewey For Students” Slogan 1 ¼” Cell PASS
182 Thurmond/Wright States Rights Party Information and Speakers Handbook 152
183 Truman/Barkley Jugate Menu “Inauguration Day” for a DC Restaurant “The Lotus” PASS
184 Unusual Truman/Barkley Metal Auto Attachment 273
185 FDR Belgium Postcard PASS
186 Truman/Churchill/Stalin Portrait Painted Bottle Stoppers Lot of Three (3) 73
187 Davey Adams Shipmates Club (DASC) Decoding Mechanical Wheel with Wings 25
188 IKE 2nd Inauguration Jugate Metal Auto License Plate with Low Number 378 PASS
189 Rare Stevenson Metal Cigarette Case “America Needs Stevenson” 75
190 JFK Assassination Unusual Foreign Newsreel Poster PASS
191 Early JFK Letterhead “Dever-Kennedy Headquarters” Dated October 24, 1952 170
192 JFK Ribbon “For Vice-President” 83
193 Spanish Hand-Carved Ivory JFK Bust Portrait PASS
194 Kennedy/Johnson Drinking Glass “Vote To Win in 1960 With Jack Kennedy Lyndon Johnson” 57
195 LBJ Visit to Korea Jugate Unused Full Pack of Korean Cigarettes PASS
196 “Hurrah! For Trickey Dick of Dixon-Nixon-Yates” Poster 50
197 Nixon/GW/Indian Raised Relief Brown Glass Pencil/Paperclip Holders Lot of Two (2) PASS